Finrite Insurane / Edgars Boulders Complaints - BAD SERVICE

Bought a phone at Edgars store on the same week i had bought it. it accidentally fell , took in back to the store for repairs. was told thy will take it to Finrite the insurer it wil be back within 6 weeks, the 6 weeks passed came back afta 7 weeks with a report that its fixed paid R90 excess of wich i had no problem with because i believed my phone was fixed only to discover on my way out of the store that it was not fixed ( somebody ddnt do their job ) .. took it back to the store and was told they are taking it bck to the insurer ( FINRITE ) The same technicias who failed to do their jobs in the first place are going to attempt to fix it again..
and its going to take another week or so ?

i am literally still payin for a phone i dont use and paying insurance thats not helping me at all.

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