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I did a job for Dudley of dumar seapoint main rd .Dudley breached the contract and became abusive and threathed me and refused point blank to pay me. peter cheales allowed Dudley to post incorrect information about what had really happened and did not contact me before he posted this rubbish and this has been on the net for almost a year .who knows how much damage this has costed me. peter chealse's site is flawed and should not be take seriously.

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Country : South Africa

I am a small business and have been in business for over 7 years with a very happy customer base, I have over 160 excellent reviews on sales from Bid Or Buy not to mention the countless e-mails from satisfied customers that we have received over the years. Then recently I have realised that all of 4 clients in 7 years were unhappy with certain details about their purchases and decided to place negative reviews on These issues were all due to miscommunication and are very...

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After registering an account with Hellopeter yesterday and activating it via their activation email sent to my email address. Today I further tried to log in and submit a complaint. To my surprise my account was de-avtivated for reasons known to them. What rubbish service...

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