pick n pay Complaints - sale of expired food

i shop at pick n pay the crescent evryday after work to get my daily stuff, on sum occasions i get a take away from their food section, all to realize by the time that i get to purchase, the food stuff is absolutely dry, unappealing & still for sale at the normal prices, thats s total put off coz im basically paying for stale food, further more, they have the prepacked foods on the shelf that expires the same day at normal prices, when i asked the food attendant, his response was that they only take it off until midnight, i picked a tray of malva pudding, when i got to the till i noticed da expiry date was the same date, that is totally unacceptable to say that consumers have to eat this stuff & finish it by midnight jus coz it expires on the same day, meanwhile it gets removed & sold to staff at R5, with a day difference consumers are expected to pay normal prices which has a use by date of that same day. pick n pay being a reputable food outlet its dissapointing to see that theres no respect shown to their consumers, when it comes to food. other food outlets like Woolworths & spar always remove their foods stuff that have a few days to expire & mark them down, in this way you are not eating stuff that hav expired already, which could be a health hazzard.

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